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Title: 2020/3/5 6:17:31
Hello, I am very interested in what you’re offering. Please call me to arrange a deal. My number is 0013477145378. Thank you.

Title: 2020/2/20 11:50:58
Sorry for reaching out via your contact form... I couldn’t find your marketing manager’s email address anywhere. I’ve developed a new loyalty program called ‘Delivery to Dining’ designed to get 3-5% of delivery (and pick-up) customers to dine-in within 14 days of their order. I’m looking for 2-3 businesses to test the program at no charge. If it’s a success, it’ll be $99/month to continue on a no-contract basis. To discuss further, you can schedule a call with me here: - Brenton -- Brenton Garen The Garen Group LLC (323) 285-9895

Title: 2020/12/9 11:11:42
Your company caught my eye yesterday and I wanted to ask you a few quick questions about your company. I partner with companies like yours to build a funding strategy that meets both short and long term goals. My financing company can fund from 500k to 2 Million in less than a week, and we provide multiple offers so you can pick the options that work for you. Would you be interested in some information about our funding programs? Thank you, Lindsey

Title: 2020/12/4 15:22:46
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Title: 2020/10/14 0:09:47
Hi, I found your website from a listing directory and observed that despite having a good design, your website still needs the best search engine optimization practice to get higher rankings on Google. I was wondering if you would be interested in optimizing your website to increase organic traffic and sales. All of our practices are “White Hat Techniques” and we strictly adhere to Google Webmasters Guidelines to promote our clients’ websites online. If you are interested, then I can send you our SEO Pricing, Latest Results, and procedure. Warm Regards Leslie Smith

Title: 2019/9/14 15:19:24
Had dinner tonight from Great Wall. All was good except for the sesame chicken with rice. It was so HOT!Couldn't eat it.

Title: 2019/11/28 18:38:01
Per my previous note, order # is 524155007 for the order that was made at approximately 8:45pm on 11/28/2019 that may not have been processed. Please refund if it is not being sent out tonight (if location is closed as it appears it may be). Thank you.

Title: 2019/11/28 18:36:50
The website still allowed me to order; however, I called Great Wall Chinese Restaurant and they aren't answering, so they must be closed. Order was 45 minutes ago, so if the restaurant is closed / order is not able to be made now, please insure my order is cancelled and credit card purchase refunded. Thank you.

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